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Forestry Work



Photo: Thinned out woodlands


This can include a small copse to clear felling large areas of woodland. We also clear road verges for the safety of the public for Gloucestershire Highways/Atkins.

Tree thinning involves removing the smaller, weaker trees, to give those remaining the room to grow properly. It also lets more light onto the ground to encourage wildflowers like bluebells, and other wildlife.

Bottom Photo: Sale of timber

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We can provide a tree planting service however big or small the job may be.
Thinning and removing deadwood from trees can admit light and maintain the tree and keep it in a safe and healthy condition.
We offer a 24hour call out for storm damaged trees and we already supply this service to County Councils.
We carry out the felling of dead, dying & dangerous trees however small or large the job may be.
We supply wood mulch which is suitable for footpaths, shrub beds and flower borders.